Election of 7th Dec. 2013

Town Union election was held on Saturday 7th December 2013. The election was very successful. List of the new Town Union Executives are: 1. Engr. Silas Anonde - President General, 2. Mr. Kester Ikwueze - First Vice President, 3. Mr. Uzendu Henry - Second Vice President, 4. Mr. Ikwueze Festus - Secretary General, 5. Mr. Eze Francis - Assistant Secretary General, 6. Mr. Aliozor Kenneth - Financial Secretary, 7. Mr. Charles Igboeli - Treasurer, 8. Mr. Livinus Emehelu - PRO, 9. Mr. Ibe Lawson - Provost 10. Barr. Peter Ozoagu - Legal Adviser

Friday, January 6, 2017

Letter to Deputy Senate President on our Road

6th January, 2017. His Excellency, Hon. Dr. Ike Ekweremadu, The Deputy Senate President, National Assembly Complex, Asokoro Abuja, Nigeria. Dear Sir, AFOR OGHE – AMANKWO NDIAGU ROAD CONSTRUCTION We are writing in respect of the above project, which was attracted by you to my community Amankwo Oghe in 2012. The town Union and the entire Amankwo Oghe community congratulate you on your second tenure as the Deputy Senate President of our great Country Nigeria. We thank you for your numerous projects embarked upon to better the life of your people in Enugu West Senatorial Zone and the entire Enugu state and Nigeria. However, we want to remind you of the construction of Afor Oghe – Amankwo Ndiagu Road, which is part of you senatorial project. The contract for the construction of the road was awarded in June 2012 or there about, to Green Bulk Integrated Services. Unfortunately, very little was done on the project before abandoning it. When we contacted Green Bulk Integrated Services (the contractor that was handling the project), he told us that the required fund to continue the project was no longer being released. The contractor has left the site since 2014, abandoning the project. My people are passing through untold hardship on the road; to the extent that individuals are compelled, by the condition of the road, to contribute money to buy trips of gravel to fill the worst portions on the road, to enable people go through. Please sir, we want to appeal that you include the road in your current 2017 budget. We remain ever grateful to you. Yours faithfully, …………………. ………………… Pst. Festus Ikwueze Engr. Silas Anonde Secretary President General

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