Election of 7th Dec. 2013

Town Union election was held on Saturday 7th December 2013. The election was very successful. List of the new Town Union Executives are: 1. Engr. Silas Anonde - President General, 2. Mr. Kester Ikwueze - First Vice President, 3. Mr. Uzendu Henry - Second Vice President, 4. Mr. Ikwueze Festus - Secretary General, 5. Mr. Eze Francis - Assistant Secretary General, 6. Mr. Aliozor Kenneth - Financial Secretary, 7. Mr. Charles Igboeli - Treasurer, 8. Mr. Livinus Emehelu - PRO, 9. Mr. Ibe Lawson - Provost 10. Barr. Peter Ozoagu - Legal Adviser

Friday, January 6, 2017

Letter to Deputy Senate President on our Road

6th January, 2017. His Excellency, Hon. Dr. Ike Ekweremadu, The Deputy Senate President, National Assembly Complex, Asokoro Abuja, Nigeria. Dear Sir, AFOR OGHE – AMANKWO NDIAGU ROAD CONSTRUCTION We are writing in respect of the above project, which was attracted by you to my community Amankwo Oghe in 2012. The town Union and the entire Amankwo Oghe community congratulate you on your second tenure as the Deputy Senate President of our great Country Nigeria. We thank you for your numerous projects embarked upon to better the life of your people in Enugu West Senatorial Zone and the entire Enugu state and Nigeria. However, we want to remind you of the construction of Afor Oghe – Amankwo Ndiagu Road, which is part of you senatorial project. The contract for the construction of the road was awarded in June 2012 or there about, to Green Bulk Integrated Services. Unfortunately, very little was done on the project before abandoning it. When we contacted Green Bulk Integrated Services (the contractor that was handling the project), he told us that the required fund to continue the project was no longer being released. The contractor has left the site since 2014, abandoning the project. My people are passing through untold hardship on the road; to the extent that individuals are compelled, by the condition of the road, to contribute money to buy trips of gravel to fill the worst portions on the road, to enable people go through. Please sir, we want to appeal that you include the road in your current 2017 budget. We remain ever grateful to you. Yours faithfully, …………………. ………………… Pst. Festus Ikwueze Engr. Silas Anonde Secretary President General

Friday, December 9, 2016


NOTICE There will be free Medical Services for the people of Amankwo Oghe Community and the general public. This will take place on Thursday 15th December 2016 at the Community Primary School, Amankwo Imezi Oghe. This FREE NEDICAL TREATMENT is being organized and sponsored by the Medical Mission (Enugu State indigenes U.S.A based Medical practitioners) . For further inquiries contact 08033172151

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Enugu State association of Medical Doctors USA Base rendered free medical care (including free health checks and free drugs to Amankwo Oghe Community on 18th December 2015. This is part of their reach every community health programme. The Town Union President General, ENGR. SILAS U. ANONDE on behalf of the entire community wishes to use this medium to thank the ENUGU STATE MEDICAL MISSION. The President of the organisation, the Medical Director Dr. Vitalis Okechukwu and the entire members of Enugu State association of Medical doctors USA based for remembering our people in this their laudable project. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


NOTICE There will be free Health check and Treatment for the people of Amankwo Oghe Community and the general public. This will take place on Friday 18th December 2015at the Community Primary School, Amankwo Imezi Oghe. This FREE NEDICAL TREATMENT is being organized and sponsored by the Enugu State indigenes U.S. A based Medical Doctors. For further enquiries contact 08033172151 HAPPY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE

Saturday, July 11, 2015


7th, April, 2014. The Hon. Commissioner, Rural Development, Enugu State, Dear Sir, H.R.H, IGWE C.C OBUEKE'S INTERFERENCE IN AMANKWO OGHE TOWN UNION. The government of Enugu State, Visit Every Community, (VEC) project would have resulted in a bloodshed for Amankwo Oghe community on Thursday 20th March, 2014, when the Ezeagu team, lead by Hon. Chijioke Agu visited the community The problem started when the team wanted to pick the information of leaders of the community. (The Igwe, town union president and the councilor). H.R.H Igwe C.C Obueke and his gang up projected one pastor Clifford Okechukwu to fill the position of the President General as against the duly elected town union President General, Eng. Silas Anonde, who stopped Pastor Clifford from filling the position in the form. It took the intervention of the VEC team leader, Hon. Chijioke Agu, who ordered that the town union President General position should not be filled, for the interest of peace, and that no body should introduce himself as the president general on the occasion. The President General, Engr. Silas Anonde, in obedient to the order showed high sense of maturity by calming down his men, even at this height of provocation, to prevent what would have resulted in fracas. H.R.H Igwe C.C Obueke's inference in the town union dated back to 26th January 2013, when he gathered some individuals in the community and said he has dissolved the Town Union and formed an illegal interim government with Hon. Geoffrey Ozor as the President General and Hon. Nichodemus Aniekwulo as the secretary. He claimed that the then Town Union President General, Mr. Nwabueze Bonny Chijioke did not want to relinquish power after the expiration of his tenure in December 2012. Mr. Nwabueze administration petitioned the office of the chieftaincy matters and the matter was addressed by the commissioner for chieftaincy matters, Hon. Pastor Emeka Abugu, The commissioner ruled that the formation of interim government by Igwe is illegal and ordered that we should conduct town union election after the review of our constitution which he previously ordered us to do. Igwe was not satisfied with the rulings of the commissioner for chieftaincy matters; he took his protest to the state office of the town union. Again, the matter was handled by the commissioner for rural development, Hon. Dr. Eric Oluedo, whose office is in change of town union in Enugu State. The commissioner also rejected Igwe's illegal town union headed by Hon. Geoffrey Ozor and ordered for the inauguration of electoral committee, which will subsequently conduct the town union election, according to our constitution. The local government chairman was represented at the meeting by his Deputy Hon. Longinus Ejike. The commissioner added that we should use the current constitution instead of waiting for the review, which might be a long term project. H.R.H Igwe C.C Obueke in disregard to the orders of the two commissioners refused to accept and work with the then Nwabueze Chijioke administration. He insisted that Hon. Geoffrey Ozor was the Town Union President General. However, Hon. Geoffrey Ozor, in compliance to the orders, prudently dissociated himself from Igwe's illegal town union. Igwe appointed Pastor Clifford Okechukwu, who knows nothing about all the orders from the government, to replace Hon. Geoffrey Ozor. On 7th December 2013, the electoral committee conducted town union general election, which produced Engr. Silas Anonde as the current Town Union President General. The Office of the Rural Development was represented by Mr. Godwin Ezilo at the election. Recall that your office, before giving approval for the conducted election, invited H.R.H Igwe C.C Obueke with the intension of addressing whatever matter he has with the town union but Igwe bluntly refused to honor your invitations. Instead, he resorted to use the Nigerian Police both at the state Headquarters and Aguobu-Owa Divion to disrupt the election. He wrote petitions to the police making bogus claims that Mr. Nwabuze Chijioke's administration did not want to relinquish power after his tenure and that greater number of people in the community did not support the electoral committee. Unfortunately for Igwe, the police was able to find out the truth of the matter and supported the election rather than disrupting it. Even after an election has been held which suppose to have laid to rest Igwe's claim that the former President General Mr. Nwabueze Chijioke did not want to hand over, H.R.H Igwe Obueke has refused to accept and work with the current town union president and his executives. Sir Amankwo Oghe town union is appealing to you and the Government of Enugu state to save our community from Igwe Obueke's tyranny rule, which will eventually plunge the entire community into chaos, if not immediately checked. We want to reliable inform you that Igwe Obueke's insufferable characters has made more than eighty (80) percent of his cabinet chiefs not attend meetings in his palace anymore. We want to appeal to the government as follows:- 1. That H.R.H Igwe C.C Obueke is suspended indefinitely until he showed remorse. Otherwise he should be removed as Igwe. This is the only way to curb his excesses. 2. That Pastor Clifford Okechukwu, be punished adequately for impersonating the President General of a community and be made to apologize in writing to the town union, to douse the tension in the community. Sir, your urgent intervention will be highly appreciated. Yours faithfully, Pastor Festus Ikwueze Engr. Silas Anonde (Secretary General) (President General) Cc: The Commissioner for Chieftaincy matters The Executive Chairman, Ezeagu L.G.A The Commissioner of Police Enugu state The Divisional Policy Officer, Aguobu-Owa