Election of 7th Dec. 2013

Town Union election was held on Saturday 7th December 2013. The election was very successful. List of the new Town Union Executives are: 1. Engr. Silas Anonde - President General, 2. Mr. Kester Ikwueze - First Vice President, 3. Mr. Uzendu Henry - Second Vice President, 4. Mr. Ikwueze Festus - Secretary General, 5. Mr. Eze Francis - Assistant Secretary General, 6. Mr. Aliozor Kenneth - Financial Secretary, 7. Mr. Charles Igboeli - Treasurer, 8. Mr. Livinus Emehelu - PRO, 9. Mr. Ibe Lawson - Provost 10. Barr. Peter Ozoagu - Legal Adviser

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cottage Hospital land Lease agreement

On the 30th day of May 2010, a land lease agreement between Obuna Community, Amankwo Oghe and The Oghe Social Development Association, Abuja Branch was due for signing at Ebete Obuna. Other things involved include the traditional rite (Igbu eghu ana)

The Oghe Social development Ass. brought drinks and a big goat, which will be used for the traditional rite. After some little argument on the quantity and quality of drinks brought by OSDA, the drinks was accepted. Another important thing demanded by Obuna people, which was omitted by the Oghe Social Dev. Association, was cock and yam that should follow the goat. Chief Charly Okelue went to the market and bought the yam and cock and everything was complete.

Major highlight of the agreement was the employment opportunity bargained by Amankwo and Obuna, which was accepted by the OSDA.
It was agreed that 20% of employments/appointments in the Hospital should be for Obuna and 20% of employments/appointments for Amankwo in general, making it possible for the community to make up 40% of the total work force in the proposed cottage hospital and also make up 40% of the Board members.

After the signing by the concerned Obuna people, the town Union President and Secretary signed for Amankwo. The whole document was taken to Igwe and he was given some time to study it with his cabinets and give his approval signature.

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