Election of 7th Dec. 2013

Town Union election was held on Saturday 7th December 2013. The election was very successful. List of the new Town Union Executives are: 1. Engr. Silas Anonde - President General, 2. Mr. Kester Ikwueze - First Vice President, 3. Mr. Uzendu Henry - Second Vice President, 4. Mr. Ikwueze Festus - Secretary General, 5. Mr. Eze Francis - Assistant Secretary General, 6. Mr. Aliozor Kenneth - Financial Secretary, 7. Mr. Charles Igboeli - Treasurer, 8. Mr. Livinus Emehelu - PRO, 9. Mr. Ibe Lawson - Provost 10. Barr. Peter Ozoagu - Legal Adviser

Saturday, July 9, 2011


The meeting was held at Amankwo Ndiagu primary school hall.

The meeting started with an opening prayer said by Mr. livinus Emehelu at about 1.35pm. The secretary read the past minute and motion for adoption was moved by Mr. Lawrence Offor seconded by Mr. Emmanuel Udemadu. The president was unavoidable absent as he was still in Abuja. The Vice president was aslso not present at this so, Mr. Livinus Emehelu, the PRO, was appointed to preside over today’s meeting.

Beefing up Igwe’s cabinet.
The discussion on the above subject matter was shifted till next meeting because of poor attendance. The house decided that such vital issue should be discussed when we have a full house.

Based on the decision of the house last meeting, that the provisions of our constitution, as regards to absentees and lateness, should take effect from today’s meeting, it was ruled that those who were absent in today’s meeting should pay the penalty according to the constitution. The secretary was directed to make note of the defaulters and write to the ward chiefs/ chairman requesting them to send their fines to the town union on or before the next general meeting.
Also on the issue of the constitution, it was noted that the approved constitution has not been distributed to the wards. On that note the secretary was directed to make copies of the constitution (in spiral binding) available for the wards. It was agreed that each ward should collect a copy of the constitution with the sum of FIVE HUNDRED NAIRA (N500) only, being the cost of production.

Still on the constitution the secretary, Engr. Silas Anonde, told the house that the constitution did not mandate us to hold meetings every month, that we are at liberty to have our meetings once in three months. He further said that the monthly meetings, which he has observed that it is becoming very stressful to members, was necessary because we are still trying to put our house in order. In reaction to this some members are of the opinion that we give month(s) gap before the next meeting. However, it was ruled that we are not yet matured for quarterly meeting, hence, our meeting continues monthly for till we achieve our target.

Alert from our banker.
The secretary said he has not received any alert. The treasurer Mr. Charles Igboli who was supposed to go with the PG to the bank to make the changes, was not present to inform us whether they were able to do so.

No. of Neighbourhood watch
Amankwo Imezi has a total of 40 while Amankwo Ndiagu has a total of 16 making a sum total of 56. However it was discovered that the number was not adequate for proper security of the community as some areas has only one or no security covering them. Also the remuneration and other requirements were not determined for now. The executives were asked to work on that and forward the cost to our patriotic brothers in United States of America, who wants to assist the community in offsetting the security bills.

Poor enrolment in our primary Schools.
The issue of poor enrolment in the government primary schools both in Amankwo Imezi and Amankwo Ndiagu was discussed. Investigations made by the town union executives reveal that our people do not like sending their children / wards to the government schools because of teacher’s behaviour. They alleged that teachers do come to the schools when they like, leaving the pupils unattended. Some members were of the opinion that the town union should devote time to supervise the teachers with the aim of making them to be serious with their jobs. Mr. Innocent Okechukwu suggested the town union should device incentives that will attract the pupils rather than threatening the teachers, as most of them will apply for transfer or even resign to take up private teaching job, if they have pressure from the town union. It was ruled that the town executives should make time to visit the schools with the aim of making the teachers to be serious with their job. Also the secretary should write to the parents appealing to them to withdraw their children/wards from private schools to enroll them in the government schools with the promise that the town union will ensure that the teachers sit up.

Sharing of the fertilizer from the State government
All the ward representatives present confirmed that their wards have received their own share of the fertilizer. The reps. expressed their gratitude to the executives of the town union for their effort in the good management of the town.

Developmental projects.
Cottage hospital:
Work is in progress at the cottage hospital project. Sand filling of the DPC was going on as at the time we visited the project site.
A 300 KVA transformer for the community was mounted along Amankwo road, just after about two buildings from Afor Oghe. Information reaching the town union was that the transformer came from the federal government and was supposed to be mounted some time ago, but was not done due to some problem of where to mount it that came up that time. The town union also gathered that Sir. Johnson Oguaya and some other people like Accountant Fedi Okechukwu contributed immensely to ensure that the transformer was mounted. The town union wishes to use this opportunity to thank those who contributed in any way to ensure that the transformer project was success. However it was wished that the position of the transformer was extended to the primary school, but for the cost of high tension cable.

Motion for adjournment was moved by Mr. John Onwuama seconded by Livinus Agu. Closing prayer was said by Lawrence Offor at about 3.48pm.

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